Ali Lohan Victim Of Dog Lady Smear Campaign

Page Six ran an item yesterday about how Dina and Ali Lohan skipped out on some pet benefit to go see Lindsay in rehab and didn’t tell anyone. This left the dog people high and dry and angry. And you don’t want to make dog fanciers crazy. I’m not talking about people who merely love their dogs, I’m talking about people who use that aisle at Target with the dog costumes in it. Those bitches are nuts and will sic their dog dressed as Cinderella on you. Anyway, it turns out that the report wasn’t true and only Ali was supposed to be there and that she did call and cancel. This didn’t stop a crazy dog lady from cutting her up and making a joke about her violent crackhead sister.

“Animal Fair” editor Wendy Diamond and other organizers of the mag’s Paws for Style event on Monday were reportedly “furious” that Mama Lohan and 13-year-old daughter Ali weren’t there, according to Page Six. This prompted Diamond to quip to the crowd, “Chloe Lohan [the family dog] was sent to rehab after overdosing on [pet medication] Frontline. Like daughter, like dog.”

Stop using words that hurt, and start using words that help, Wendy Diamond.


Keep reading for the truth, Ruth.

Well, sources tell us that’s so not true. Dina was never confirmed for the event; it was Ali, Lilo’s 13-year-old sis, who was supposed to work the catwalk. Furthermore, a truly upset Ali, who walked in the event last year and loved it, called Friday to tell event peeps she wasn’t coming because she was visiting sister Lindsay in rehab. Not only that, it wasn’t even Chloe who was supposed to be there — it was Dakota and Brooklyn, two of Ali’s other dogs

A Lohan family rep stated that the crazy dog lady’s remarks were “in extremely poor taste”. Like Ali Lohan’s Christmas album or when you’re a violent crackhead who attacked Jessica Simpson for looking at her wrong. You almost made it through this story without a dig at Lindsay, didn’t you?