Ali Lohan Victim Of Dog Lady Smear Campaign

June 14th, 2007 // 14 Comments

Page Six ran an item yesterday about how Dina and Ali Lohan skipped out on some pet benefit to go see Lindsay in rehab and didn’t tell anyone. This left the dog people high and dry and angry. And you don’t want to make dog fanciers crazy. I’m not talking about people who merely love their dogs, I’m talking about people who use that aisle at Target with the dog costumes in it. Those bitches are nuts and will sic their dog dressed as Cinderella on you. Anyway, it turns out that the report wasn’t true and only Ali was supposed to be there and that she did call and cancel. This didn’t stop a crazy dog lady from cutting her up and making a joke about her violent crackhead sister.

“Animal Fair” editor Wendy Diamond and other organizers of the mag’s Paws for Style event on Monday were reportedly “furious” that Mama Lohan and 13-year-old daughter Ali weren’t there, according to Page Six. This prompted Diamond to quip to the crowd, “Chloe Lohan [the family dog] was sent to rehab after overdosing on [pet medication] Frontline. Like daughter, like dog.”

Stop using words that hurt, and start using words that help, Wendy Diamond.


Keep reading for the truth, Ruth.

Well, sources tell us that’s so not true. Dina was never confirmed for the event; it was Ali, Lilo’s 13-year-old sis, who was supposed to work the catwalk. Furthermore, a truly upset Ali, who walked in the event last year and loved it, called Friday to tell event peeps she wasn’t coming because she was visiting sister Lindsay in rehab. Not only that, it wasn’t even Chloe who was supposed to be there — it was Dakota and Brooklyn, two of Ali’s other dogs

A Lohan family rep stated that the crazy dog lady’s remarks were “in extremely poor taste”. Like Ali Lohan’s Christmas album or when you’re a violent crackhead who attacked Jessica Simpson for looking at her wrong. You almost made it through this story without a dig at Lindsay, didn’t you?

By J. Harvey

  1. Persistent Cat

    Is that girl seriously only 13? Oh my God, she looks so much older. Stop tanning your young skin. She’s going to look so rough when she’s 20.

  2. TheRage

    Cat – my thoughts exactly!!

  3. tastemaster

    Are you guys sure about the age? 13?! she looks to be at least 24.

  4. Petite

    Her mouth turns DOWN when she smiles- it makes her look much older. That’s too bad for her, because she’ll never make it in Hollywood with that kind of smile.

  5. Am

    So would this explain why her 20-year-old sister looks 40? It’s a shame both of these young ladies will be always look twice their age.

    I swear, if I had a liquor store, I wouldn’t ask for ID from either of them.

  6. Lila

    My God, she doesn’t look a day under 25. Jesus Christ, what is going on with those Lohan genes??!!

  7. Kare Bear

    I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this…she looks terrible! My Gawd if she is 13 I cannot imagine how she is going to look in a few years. LiLO looks much older than her years as well so it’s no surprise.

  8. Mama Sarah

    My thoughts exactly, Cat…and Am…and Lila… and Kate. The Lohan “ladies” all look like they’ve been ridden hard and put away wet. Rough, rough, rough. I’m going to be 30 this year, and I look younger than barely-pubescent Ali. Seriously.

  9. Mama Sarah

    My thoughts exactly, Cat…and Am…and Lila… and K-Bear. The Lohan “ladies” all look like they’ve been ridden hard and put away wet. Rough, rough, rough. I’m going to be 30 this year, and I look younger than barely-pubescent Ali. Seriously.

  10. GorillaAtLarge

    That girl won’t be another Lindsay. Dina better get the Grey Goose away from her golden goose, ’cause after that it’s all over.

  11. ohSnap

    HOLY GOD! Is that a 13 year old or a 45 year old!? I thought it was supposed to be cute when someone said your mom looks like she’s your sister, not the other way around!

  12. kris

    wait….they have a dog named Dakota? That’s the name of their youngest child, too….Dakota “Cody” Lohan….thats weird.

  13. Anna

    I think Ali use to much make up have you seen her blusher o my god she looks like she is embrassed i like Ali & Her Sister Lindsay But i think Ali wears so much make up what do you expect wiv a mother like hers i read on the inernet that Ali was in a car crash she snuck out the house but she did not get hurt no one likes Ali where i live cos she wants 2 b like Lindsay Drink & Drug addict. Bye Luv Anna -x-x-x-

  14. chloe

    ali looks like a 50 year old freak! when i first saw her i thought she was 20. But when i read the article and found out she was only 13….im like wow holy shit, ur gonna have wrinkles in ur 20′s by then. she’s just as ugly as a cow and having a screwed up life all because of her mom! lindsay would go to rehab is all because of DINA! u heard that dina? do not screw your child’s life up jus because ur life is screwed up like a piece of white trash!

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