Ali Lohan And Cody Lohan Make DJ Debut

OK, there is so much wrong with this story, so let’s begin. Lindsay Lohan’s little siblings are now DJs. Yah, you read that right. Ali Lohan and Cody Lohan made their DJ today in Manhattan at a press conference to announce the nations first Blackberry Brick Breaker Contest. DJ AC (DJ Ali & Cody, so clever) will be the djs for opening of Z-Com Wireless stores, which are now being converted to a new lounge for teenagers.

In true Lohan fashion, Ali and Cody looked positively excited to be spinning, and mommy Dina Lohan looked positively excited to be making money. Guess who the only other celebrity to show up was? Brooke Hogan. I know right?

Ali seems to be looking a bit splotchy recently, although it is better than the blonde hair Lindsay’s got going. I am seriously just so disturbed by the whole Lohan family. But I do kinda feel bad for Cody. He doesn’t seem like the type that wants to whore himself out. Although maybe he is and I’ve just missed it.

Live On Music also reports DJ AC will also be spinning with 25 of the hottest musical acts at Party 105’s Summer Jam on Long Island next month. And come on, we all know about the amazing parties on Long Island.

Ali and Cody, Here is just a little bit of advice from me to you: stop. Stop right now. You’re just heading down a path of embarrassment. Please, I don’t want to have to write about either of your sex tapes anytime soon. Well, I mean that would be funny, but I’d feel badish. So go back to home school and no more deejaying. From either of you. Thank you.

Gallery Info: Ali, Cody, and Dina Lohan are joined by Brooke Hogan as DJ AC plays its first gig.