Ali Fedotowsky Is A ‘Bachelorette’ With A Bong

It’s only a matter of time before pictures of you and that bong appear on the internet, so thanks a lot Facebook! Hopefully The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s fiance doesn’t mind the photos that have surfaced of her smoking a bowl.

Star magazine uncovered the photos in which she’s around drug paraphernalia and an insider tells them that Fedotowsky was a party girl back in the day…but even more importantly, she still is.

They say they’ve got ahold of Ali’s secret diary of letters that details all sorts of drug benders and talk about kinky sex fantasies. I’m sorry, where was this diary found or bought from? And why is it that big of a deal – I mean, sure drugs are one thing, but she’s a red-blooded female who can be kinky if she wants, especially after she walks down the isle with Roberto Martinez!

Check out Ali out perusing the VW car lot!