Alf Star In Crack Den/Homosexual Scandal

August 29th, 2005 // 14 Comments

It looks like Max Wright, has found an even better way to trump his 2000 arrest for drunk driving. And has Freddie Mercury come back from the dead? We also love how the crack pipe helps with the lighting, so we can better see Max’s face.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    Uhh, isn’t this article a million years old?

  2. J

    I saw on IMDB that he was in the movie “A Boy Who Loved Trolls” – strangely prescient

  3. Brandi

    Ya…I’m pretty sure that’s an old article…It says currently co-starring in “Norm” and wasn’t that cancelled after like half an episode? Still disturbing though…..

  4. ella

    so old…….

  5. bill brasky

    let’s home mrs. okmonoff doesn’t find out!

  6. This is really really old.

  7. Alexis Colby

    loosers!! crack?
    if alfs father does gay-cracking,
    ned flanders owns falconstudios !

  8. Mariana

    I saw this years ago. Like in 2001.

  9. donnie darkest

    umm,considering jerry stahl who wrote ALF admittedly wrote it on crack, this ain’t too surprising.

  10. DW

    Gives the phrase “Yo Willy” a whole new life.

  11. life

    I feel bad for Max Wright.

    I hope he’s ok now.

  12. La Tigresa

    I think he has traveled to Planet Melmac a couple times. I don’t think Alf wants to hang out with him anymore. He even changed the keys to his locks. :)

  13. lalosky

    pal loly el max pal loly

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