Alexyss Taylor Schools Us On “Vagina Power”

April 27th, 2007 // 9 Comments

This is the reason that public access is probably the most amazing thing that exists in our society today. Alexyss Tylor is the host of “Vagina Power” on Atlanta public access, in which she discusses the complexities of the male/female relationship in terms that we can all understand. For example:

“Because if we’re in a lower level love and if we’re hooked on the “Penis Power” and this man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silver’s and what…that plate what…$2.99? But he’ll give you a mouth full of sperm and a rectum full of sperm.”

Amazingly, this woman hosts the show with her mother and they have something of a Jay and Silent Bob relationship. If you do a little search on YouTube for Alexyss, you will realize that the black folder her mother holds over her lap is part of her signature look (fanny pack!).

Now, Alexyss will be the first to tell you that she may not have the traditional training expected from a woman with such strong and prolific views on relationships, but she does have a Master’s degree in getting played, y’all.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. AK

    Thank you for that wonderful quote this morning. I literally just choked on my instant oatmeal. God, I sound pathetic.

  2. Geena

    Thank you for posting that! That just made my day on this gray, cruddy morning.

  3. supernova

    Love Alexyss. Watch some of her other clips – she is INSANE but speaks the truth – as she says, “Dick will make you slap somebody!”

  4. mel

    Everything she said was right!

  5. joan durtz

    Now that shit is funny as hell!

  6. mbvlorax

    Wow, we are connected. I fear my friends will feel I plagiarized you, but at least I have date stamping to prove I didn’t.

  7. ms kitty

    That was some funny shit. i am still chuckling and the best thing about it is …….


    hitting the walls and working the middle!!

    this made my day hahahahahahhahhahaha

  8. hi, i love alexyss so much that i made a breakcore remix of her. It’s called “body business” and you can find it at:

    and I’m gonna put it on my website at:

  9. May West

    This lady is fabulous!!! I’m in my thirty and I’ve never heard any woman speak the way she does. Her show has taught me a lot. I love Miss Tylor for looking out for women as myself who has been played out by men. My own mother never taught me this. Alexyss Tylor is my mother. I love you mom!!!

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