Alexis Bledel Is A Timely ‘Post Grad’

Alexis Bledel is looking seriously fabulous these days. Rory Gilmore is all grown up and now we get to see a different side of Alexis in her newest movie Post Grad opening on Friday. Alexis plays Ryden Malby, a girl fresh out of college looking for a job.

“When I first read the script for Post Grad, I guess I thought it was very similar to a lot of stories I had heard from people graduating from college that I knew,” Alexis told MTV News. The most interesting thing about the film? Not only will most college grads from the past relate, but it’s especially timely for college grads in this economy.

“It was a timely story when we shot it — which was before the economic crisis — and then when that happened it just makes it more so. Actually, the end of the movie … it kind of shows that we shot before all this happened, because if the story had taken place in this economic climate she probably would have made a different decision.” What decision is that? Go see the movie!

But really, don’t we all kind of want to know what would have happened to her Gilmore Girls’ character Rory after college? “Well, Rory is so ambitious — she’s such an overachiever, I think she definitely would have had an easier time,” she said. “She had such a loving supportive family … well, I guess in this movie [Ryden] does too. Rory was gifted in a lot of ways. She probably would have found a way to make it work faster.”

I haven’t even seen the movie and I already know that it basically tells my life story. Leave home, come home, try and figure out a way to leave again…all while trying to do the thing you love. Anyone succeed in doing what he or she wanted to do? Let us know how your post college experience was in the comments section!

Gallery Info: Alexis Bledel and her Post Grad co-star Zach Gilford visit Fuse TV.