Alexis Bellino Prefers Not To Be Called ‘Jesus Jugs,’ Thankyouverymuch [PHOTOS]

Because she’s unable to articulate her words, The Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Alexis Bellino had a lawyer do it for her.  With the help of husband Jim (ick), Bellino issued a statement threatening legal action against co-star Tamra Barney, who called her “Jesus Jugs.”

The creepy Christian couple issued a statement to Us Weekly defending themselves.  “The Real Housewives of Orange County is a reality show that is meant to entertain and engage audiences with the lives of its cast members. We recognize that the personalities, drama and conflict of the show attract fans to the popular Bravo reality series.

“Unfortunately, some cast members use the show as a platform for personal attacks and character assassination, perhaps out of personal insecurity or simply to inflict pain. To the extent possible, we try to ignore this behavior.”

Honestly, there’s so much crap involved in the statement that I invite you to read the rest here

Barney fired back via Rumor Fix.  “Unlike Alexis, I don’t need to hide behind the Jesus curtain and I don’t feel the need to preach,” Barney said.  “When someone is constantly preaching about something they are lying! Alexis and Jim are faux Christians, like her ring. Does she think Jesus would be proud of her for judging me as a Christian, and the crosses in my house? Jim Bellino used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs after church when they were dating!”

Bellino took to her Bravo blog to explain why she found “Jesus Jugs” so offensive:

“Jesus Jugs doesn’t just cross the line, it catapults over it. That comment has offended Christians everywhere,” she wrote. “How does she decorate her home in crosses yet make a remark like that without an ounce of guilt? Then she is promoting Jesus Jugs wine glasses her Facebook page? So now it’s blasphemy along with defaming Jesus and monetizing on what He sacrificed for us.”

Captain Lame-O Bellino wore a “Team Alexis” tanktop while shopping with a friend in LA on July 16th.