Alexandre Despatie

December 30th, 2005 // 9 Comments

One last bulge for 2005. Enjoy!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. BlueInRed

    My, my. That made my day!

  2. Stevie Wonder Boy

    Holy Crap!!!

  3. Ocelot

    Dayamn!!!!!!!! I have been lusting over this guy since the last Olympics, and even then I never noticed that bulge!!!!


    Wow, I like that – now I know why he will stand out in my mind!

  5. Gossip Guru

    I would pay him to cock smack me!! Just once, across my left cheek.

  6. Hot Doc Lover

    Truly one of the hottest athletes (MEN, for that matter) out there. A good search will come up with tons of pics, though this is the best by far.

  7. CommentOne

    Swimmers normally aren’t that big in the Speedos. He must be hung

  8. HawkeyeK

    Hey…is that it’s little head peeking out the top of the suit? You can barely see some pink……

  9. adam

    thats art.. wish i have your body.. and i can see why he likes to show it off

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