Exclusive Sneak Peak: ‘American Horror Story’s’ Alexandra Breckenridge In Crack Magazine [PHOTOS]

Alexandra Breckenridge sure loves to dress up!

On American Horror Story, Breckenridge plays the haunted family’s housekeeper, a role she shares with Frances Conroy (while the men see Breckenridge, the women see Conroy– twisted!). Breckenridge was excited by the role because it seemed “creepy and eerily sexual”– that sounds about right!

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When describing how she played the role in comparison and contrast to Conroy, she said that it was all physicality, not mannerisms. She mentioned that donning her racy maid’s uniform helped:  “I remember going to set one time to do rehearsal in my Uggs, and it was next to impossible to get into character. Clothes help with the physicality and they help get you into character, especially that style. Who wears that, except for on Halloween?”

Breckenridge dolled herself up again, but this time it was for Crack Magazine. For this shoot, Breckenridge wore various different pieces from the Winter and Spring 2012 collections by Nicole Miller, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Nathan Jenden, Catherine Deane, Manish Arora and Giuseppe Zanotti. As for bling, Breckenridge was bejeweled solely by Chan Luu.

I’ve been meaning to get into American Horror Story, but just haven’t found the time. I’m a notoriously huge Gleek (and writing this right before the big Tuesday episode that I’ve been totally psyched for since the end of September!), so I feel some strange loyalty to the show runners, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. What about you guys? Tuning in or tuning out?

Photographer: Michael Freeby
Stylist: Angel Johnson
Hairstylist: William Williams @ The REX Agency
Makeup: Gloria Noto @ Jedroot