Alexander Skarsgard’s Police Scuffle and Indecent Itch

April 18th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Someone’s getting a little frisky! It almost looks like the seated blonde is going for an Alexander Skarsgard full-on crotch grab in front of his newest love interest –or a terribly long fling, per his bachelor attitudeKate Bosworth. If there were audio, I bet she’d be growling. Or perhaps that’s her stomach?

The cuddley couple was spotted together at Coachella yesterday. Bosworth might’ve been all smiles and giggles, but Skarsgard became fists and fury when the paparazzo went a little too far. Police were seen restraining him at the bar late in the evening.

Even seeing red, Skarsgard looks good. I almost imagine his vampire fangs coming out as the boys in blue held him back. Yea, I’m sweating the return of True Blood. Season three is looking like it’s going to be sexy.

Kate’s so lucky… for the moment at least.

By Samantha Eng

  1. Askarsupporter

    Yeah, don’t mess with the Viking!

  2. VILF

    True, don’t mess with the Viking God

  3. Jbean

    absolutely no sympathy for the paps. They are disgusting “people”

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