Alexander Skarsgard Loves Being Naked & Most Love Him Naked As Well

Sure you know he likes being naked on True Blood, but Alexander Skarsgard just loves being naked in general in real life too. The actor spoke about his performance in the Lady Gaga video for Paparazzi, what season 3 is about for his character, and how dark projects inrigue him.

On Gaga:
“The reason I did the ‘Paparazzi’ video is that the director, Jonas Akerlund, is a fellow Swede and a good friend of mine, and he called and asked me to do it. At the time, I didn’t know Lady Gaga’s work or her music very well, so I looked her up, and I thought, “Oh, this is pretty interesting.”

True Blood Season 3:
“It’s all about vengeance. You find out pretty early on that something happened a thousand years ago, that Eric lost someone, and now he’s getting the opportunity to avenge that person’s death. So he’s going to try to do that, and it’s not easy. And I’ve got a very, very graphic scene coming up that I shot with a man.

On a tendency toward dark projects:
“I just did this animated film, ‘Metropia,’ that’s such a dark, dystopian sci-fi tale. And I have [Lars von Trier’s sci-fi disaster flick] ‘Melancholia’ coming up. There’s got to be something disturbing in the story for me to be interested — it’s probably something I need to talk to my shrink about!”

Check out the gallery of Skarsgard in various states of undress from True Blood and be on the lookout for Kelly’s recaps on Mondays!