Alexander Skarsgard Drops Hints For ‘True Blood’ Season 3 (Even Though He Tries Not To)

The men of True Blood will be back soon and it’s time to start getting some details. A good person to put on the spot is Alexander Skarsgard, who went to town on a sandwich today at Joan’s on Third Cafe today while out with friends. Why? While he’s pretty good at being evasive, he has a movie to promote.

Alexander was at the Tribeca Film Festival where he was promoting Metropia, or trying to. MTV asked him about the new season of True Blood and he tried to give a vague answer, saying the season was about vengeance for his character. Knowing that Hans Tester was cast as his father for a flashback to Erick’s warrior/human days, MTV asked him how that connected to vengeance. Alexander couldn’t wiggle his way out of that one and says, well, he might be avenging the death of his father.  He tries to rebound with “or maybe not!” at which  point his Metropia costar, Juliette Lewis, laughs at the ridiculousness.

Check out the video of Alexander tripping over his tongue after the

True Blood
’s third season premiere’s June 13th and here’s one of the new posters promoting the HBO series. HBO is also airing True Blood minisodes which started Sunday night (May 2). You can check out the first one at