Alexander Skarsgard’s Hotness Permeates & Gets Ready To Melt Iceland

Alexander Is Perfect
Even all bruised, Alexander Skarsgard is hot for M Magazine.
Need some sexy in your day? Of course you do, so here’s some Alexander Skarsgard for you to enjoy.

The True Blood actor was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday (June 12) heading to what we can only assume was a very fancy lunch meeting at Cecconi’s. Because as you knowAlexander only has fancy meetings. Especially when he’s cuddling up with Ellen Page.

Alexander is almost wrapped on filming season six of True Blood and has decided to take a little break from this whole “acting thing.” Just guess where he’s breaking to? 

Well if you read the title of this story, it shouldn’t be that hard. Alexander is headed to Iceland! He told E! News, “We wrap in a couple of weeks and I’m going to go to Iceland on a week-long hike. No phone, no iPad, no nothing—I’m very excited about that.” But if you don’t have a phone, how will you receive my “I love you, will you marry me” texts?

See, this is just not working out well for me. But since you’re Alexander Skasgard, I’ll allow it. Launch the gallery to enjoy your daily dose of sexy.