Alexander Skarsgard Wears Snug Pants For ‘Bullett’ Magazine [PHOTOS]

Celebitchy describes Alexander Skarsgard’s look in Bullett Magazine as “televangelist,” which we have to agree with.  While the lamb is downright adorable, Skarsgard’s get-up is…questionable.  The Swede is promoting Battleship and season five of True Blood (premiering June 10th).

“Bill and Eric have to set aside their disputes and team up. They bond in the process; they have no choice,” Skarsgard says about the upcoming season.  “There’s definitely a bit of a bromance going on there. It’s a little like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

How did Skarsgard nab a role in Battleship?  “I was a big fan of True Blood— that’s why I started thinking about him,” director Peter Berg said. “One day, a gang of women who heard that came into my office—there were about seven of them—and told me it was not negotiable.” 

As for acting alongside Rihanna, Skarsgard was bowled over by her work ethic.  “We would shoot until late Friday night and she would jump on a plane and go to L.A. to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards in front of a billion people, and then get straight back on the plane and fly to Hawaii, and go to set Monday morning with a smile on her face.”

Do Skarsgard’s photos creep you out?  Or are you into the tight suits he sported for the shoot?