Alexander Skarsgard Wants Kids, Loves Hanging Out Playing Dad To Onata Aprile

As if we needed more reasons to love Alexander Skarsgard, how about the fact that he really wants kids and he loves the fact that he got to play a dad in his latest flick, What Maisie Knew.

The super sexy Swede was out and about in North Hollywood last night promoting his new movie alongside his ridiculously cute co-star, Onata Aprile. Alexander has spoken before about how much he loved filming with her and he continued on the streak last night.

It’s definitely gotta be weird going from a super sexy and dangerous vampire on True Blood to the only person willing to take care of this little girl. 

Luckily, Alexander is amazing. The actor told reportersabout his character Lincoln, “What got me excited was there’s a sweetness I was drawn to. I love how he’s being stuck with this kid and falls in love with her. Lincoln’s someone who doesn’t take care of himself or anyone else, and Maisie takes care of Lincoln and he grows in the process.” Please excuse as I swoon in the corner from the cuteness.

If you need help in the swooning process, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Alexander and Onata being so perfect as they give a talk on the movie. I cannot even wait to see this.

Also, Alexander, about that whole, “I love kids, I want to have kids” thing, hit me up. I’ll be right here!