Alexander Skarsgard Talks Life Outside ‘True Blood’!

Let’s all agree that Alexander Skarsgard is some sort of Swedish god sent us little people to enjoy. I mean, look at that smile! Now that we’ve established that, let’s discuss! Alexander recently talked to Men’s Journal about what he does other than be a super old, but super sexy vampire on True Blood.

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Apparently, Alex is a big fan of cooking and scotch, “A man should be able to make a nice coq au vin.” Omg, that’s what you call a super swoon quote. And don’t think all that food and drink is doing anything to his physique. Alex is one of those people we hate you can lose weight without working out. In fact, he goes to the gym to put on muscle weight. “[Eric is] a hunter. He knows how strong he is, how powerful he is, and he really enjoys that. He enjoys seeing fear in people’s eyes.”

Alex isn’t one for the fear though, apparenlty, he’s quite the goof. “I was surprised at how goofy he was,” says Kirsten Dunst, Alex’s co-star in Melancholia. “Almost like a puppy in a body that’s too big for him. All these girls are like, ‘Oh my god, he’s so hot.’ But he’s really such a goof.” I bet the two of them had some fun times promoting Melancholia in Toronto.

Ready for a fun fact? Alex is a sergeant in the Swedish navy. I know! Why would Sweden need a navy? Lucky for Alex that experience has come in handy. Oh Mr. Skarsgard. You so sexy. I just wanna hold you in my arms. Check out the gallery for Alex’s Men’s Journal photo shoot. Once again friends, swoon!