Alexander Skarsgard Talks About Wearing Pink Spandex

In a recent interview with E! Online, Alexander Skarsgard discusses some of the bizarre requests he gets from fans regarding his True Blood character, Eric Northman. Among the strange requests, according to Skarsgard, “They talk a lot about a shower scene. Eric and Sookie in a shower. And also a scene where he’s in pink spandex. Those are very common.”

Pink spandex? Really?

Skarsgard admits that he is actually excited about the requests, especially the spandex request. “I hope that will come soon…I might want to go to the gym before the spandex session!” The new season of True Blood premieres on HBO this summer, and the cast already spilled some details of the new season. Though there will be plenty of scenes without clothing, it looks like we may just have to wait for season 5 for the pink spandex.

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In the meantime, let us enjoy these photos of Alexander Skarsgard heading to The Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles. Let’s be honest, Skarsgard can pull off any look, including pink spandex.