Alexander Skarsgard Takes A Walk In New York City [PHOTOS]

It’s a shame Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight (I know, wrong reference).  Still, wouldn’t it be romantic to see him all aglow amidst the craptasical grit and grime of Manhattan?  The True Blood star tried to keep cool in the city yesterday despite the sweltering temperatures, chatting on his cell phone in Soho.

PHOTOS: We’re Mighty Thrilled To Oogle Over Skarsgard’s Battleship Co-Star

Skarsgard will take his beefiness to the big screen (we’re not talking Straw Dogs big screen, although that should be interesting given that it co-stars AS’s recent ex, Kate Bosworth) next May when he stars in the Armageddon-Meets-Transformers+water blockbuster, Battleship alongside the deliciously athletic Taylor Kitsch, who I wish would grow back his hair and suit up for football season.