Alexander Skarsgard Stocks Up On Juice And Milk, Talks ‘True Blood’ Season Six [PHOTOS]

Last night (January 22, 2013), actor Alexander Skarsgard did a little grocery shopping at Gelson’s supermarket in Hollywood, CA. The actor was seen purchasing some milk, juice and a few other boxed items. Being environmentally conscious (kudos!), Alexander even brought his own bags to the store.

Skarsgard recently revealed a bunch of details about the upcoming season of True Blood (hopefully it will be better than the last meandering season).

He told Wetpaint that a “big war” that is sure to shake up Bon Temps, and Bill will be back! 

CarterMatt reports that well will see a new love interest for Sookie in a male fairy, and Eric is going to largely be preoccupied now with trying to deal with a new form of Bill Compton, who ascended to his bizarre vampire god form at the end of last season.

Some of the new characters include the Governor of Louisiana, who has a major vendetta against vampires after his wife took off with one of them, along with some young activists who may find themselves in deeper water than they are really prepared for.

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