Alexander Skarsgard Signs Autographs, Talks Roles [PHOTOS]

Alexander Skarsgard Suits It
10 of Alexander Skarsgard's best red carpet looks.
Alexander Skarsgard is looking quite handsome these days.

The sexy True Blood vampire, Eric, was spotted in New York on April 9, 2013, signing autographs for his fans. How sweet! The actor was looking pleasant to the eye with his powder blue button-up, grey pants, super stunner shades, and brown oxfords.

Speaking of grey, Will the Christian Grey talk ever end?

No and not a chance. Many people are anticipating the film that hasn’t even been planned yet, creating a buzz, speculating who may play him. One of the many who have been approached to play Grey is Skarsgard.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Skarsgard said I feel great. I have not read the [Fifty Shades of Grey] script, I don’t know if there is script or who the filmmaker is going to be, so that’s just difficult to answer. If it’s a good filmmaker and a great script I would be interested. Those are the two pillars, the foundation when you start a project.”

Aside from playing a bloodsucker and possibly a BDSM enthusiast, Skarsgard will be appearing in the upcoming fim Disconnected where he plays a ex-marine.

“The character, Derek, felt very personal to me as I was in the military when I was younger.  He was one of those guys who had been a hero and a warrior. Now he’s struggling with what a lot of these guys deal with when they come home. He found himself in a cubicle, a paper pushing grunt without a mission in his life the way in the military he had one.” (via Wall Street Journal)

We will be sure to tune in! What do you think, would Skarsgard make a good Christian Grey?