Alexander Skarsgard Shows Some Skin For GQ [PHOTOS]

While the True Blood star didn’t go shirtless from the June issue of GQ, Alexander Skarsgard did tease us with a few strategically unbuttoned buttons.

A few highlight’s from the interview:

What it’s like “making love” to Anna Paquin onscreen: “It’s really clear to Steve (Moyer, Anna’s husband) and to everybody else what the deal is—which is that Anna is like a sister to me,” Skarsgård says. “Those love scenes take quite a bit of acting, actually. A lot of acting.”

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What he thinks of life in LA: “Hollywood can be like kids playing marbles on the schoolyard,” he says. “Everybody wants the shiny marble until one kid says he doesn’t. Then nobody will touch it. So it’s important that I make good decisions now. “

On doing popcorn flicks and intense drama: “If you’re an actor in Sweden, you do drama, you do comedy, you do action, you do film and live theater. You do whatever there is,” Skarsgård says. “Vanity is death to an actor.”