Alexander Skarsgard Makes Casual Look Cool In LA [PHOTOS]

Alexander Suits Up
10 of Alexander Skarsgard's best red carpet looks.
There are just some people in this world who always look perfect, and Alexander Skarsgard is definitely one of them.

The True Blood hottie was spotted catching a flight out of Los Angeles International Airport yesterday (March 15). Seriously, the dude is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and he’s looking sexier than most of the men on this planet.

Alexander was also sporting some sunglasses, so we couldn’t see if his face was still bruised up. I feel like it’s healed by now. Even if it isn’t, he’s still good looking. So where do you think he’s headed to? 

Sweden? Texas? My heart? Well, he’s already landed at the third place. Hey-ho! Serious question though, do you think he goes back to visit Sweden often? Like, his whole family is still there. Hey, Swedish readers! Keep your eyes peeled for him!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of casual Alexander at LAX. Does he make your heart skip a few beats? I know mine does! Let us know how much you love him in the comments!