Alexander Skarsgard Looks Hot While Out With A Pal, Will He Be Returning To Coachella This Weekend?

New Role
Did you hear what classic Skarsgard is starring in?
For once, I don’t know if I like looking at Alexander Skarsgard or the man standing next to him more. Handsome men often have equally handsome friends. Clearly, this stud is no exception.

After spending last weekend at Coachella, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be returning for the second weekend.

Perhaps the two men were shopping in preparation for the fun-filled weekend?

We got to see him looking very enthusiastic and cheerful last weekend. There is nothing quite like a charming man with a gorgeous smile. After attending with his brother, I wonder if he’ll bring his pals for another men’s weekend.

The seventh and final season of True Blood is coming up quick, so of course we’re wondering what the future holds for near Eric Northman. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the naked vampire before her burst into flames. Rumors circulated that this wasn’t the last we saw of Skarsgard on the show.

With slightly longer hair than previous seasons, perhaps the “departed” vampire will be rocking a new look.

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