Alexander Skarsgard Looks Fine As He Enjoys Some Beer & Basketball At LA Lakers Game [PHOTOS]

He might be Swedish, but Alexander Skarsgard knows how to properly enjoy a good ole’ American pastime.

The super sexy True Blood star was spotted at the Staples Center last night looking on with glee as the LA Lakers took on the Washington Wizards. Sadly, Alexander had to witness the Lakers lose 100 to 103, but I bet all the beer helped the loss go down easy.

Don’t you love how skeptical he looks of that beer? His first face is like, “Beer? This can’t possibly be as good as what I’m used to?” Actually, maybe he should stay away from the alcoholic beverages. We’ve heard what happens to members of him family when they start a-drinking! So still think Alexander is the perfect person for Fifty Shades of Grey?

Rumors swirled for quite awhile concerning Alexander and the role of Christian Grey, but it seems that the front runner for the role is Arrow’s Stephen Amell. Do we get a yay or a nay on that from the crowd? Personally, I like Alexander better, but I’d like to keep him for myself.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Alexander getting his b-ball on. Honestly, that man’s smile could melt Siberia. Tell us how much you love Mr. Skarsgard in the comments!