Alexander Skarsgard & Kirsten Dunst Looking Lovely At ‘Melancholia’ Premiere [PHOTOS]

Alexander Skarsgard and Kirsten Dunst attended the premiere of Melancholia last night (October 3). The event was put on as part of the New York Film Festival and was held at Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center.

Dunst wore a pretty flowing black gown, while French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg donned a black top and a pair of sparkly gold pants. The film co-stars Kiefer Sutherland, Jon Hurt and Stellan Skarsgaard.

PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard, Kirsten Dunst And Kiefer Sutherland Attend The TIFF Premiere Of ‘Melancholia’

The movie, which takes on several themes, explores what happens when wedding guests witness Melancholia – a planet that has been hidden behind the sun and is now on a collision path with Earth.

Dunst is looking to embark on a new adventure in the future. She told Elle UK, “My main personal goal in life is probably to have kids and get married one day. That’s the most important thing to me.”

Find out what Kristen had to say about her role in the film…

The actress has called the role “very cathartic” and said it helped her open up about her own depression, but Justine isn’t the character from her oeuvre that Dunst identifies with most closely.

“I’m a pretty chilled-out, happy-go-lucky person for the most part,” she said. “I’d probably say Bring it On! …They’re all parts of me, but blown up a bit.”