Alexander Skarsgard Keeps Us Happy By Being Out & About

Ahh, the beauty of Alexander Skarsgard.

The True Blood hottie was spotted out in Los Feliz today grabbing a bite with his friend. Although I don’t think he grabbed a bite of his friend. Get it? Cause he plays a vampire. And vampires bite people…I’ll stop now.

I’m really amused by the fact that Alexander lives in Los Feliz. That guys is way more hipster than he lets on. Ooo, and look at the funky Danish film he’s holding in his hand. Looks like Alexander is going to tuck with a little Moon Rider this evening. 

Now it just remains to be seen who his lady companion for the night is. He and Ellen Page claim to be just friends, so if this is how he lounges around with his friends, sign me up for that list.

Oh, Alexander. How we adore you. Let us count the ways. Well, currently it’s 15 because that’s the number of photos in the gallery. So launch the gallery and enjoy the countdown!