Alexander Skarsgard, Katy Perry & More Show You How To Enjoy A Beer During Craft Beer Week!

Snooki Pushes Beer Baby
That's seriously a stroller full of beer. What the f*ck?!
Hey everyone! Happy American Craft Beer Week!

It’s a real celebration and boy can we totally get behind it. Who doesn’t love sitting around, chatting, eating some pizza and enjoying some nice, refreshing craft beer? I don’t know why we don’t make this a year round holiday, and not just a week.

In honor of Craft Beer Week, we’ve put together a little gallery of some of our favorite celebs enjoying beers. OK, so the beers they might be drinking aren’t all American craft beers, but beer is beer and that’s good enough for me! Launch the gallery to check out all your favorite celebs and don’t forget to tell us your favorite beer choices in the comments!