Alexander Skarsgard Joins Julianne Moore In ‘What Maise Knew’

May 12th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Alexander Skarsgard, soon to be seen reprising his role as Eric Northman in the fourth season of True Blood, has signed on to star in What Maisie Knew. The Hollywood Reporter says Skarsgard will be joining Steven Coogan and Julianne Moore in the dramedy.

What Maisie Knew is an updated take on the 1897 Henry James novel which was told from the perspective of Maisie, “a preadolescent whose parents were divorced when she was six years old and who spends six months of the year with each parent. The only emotional constant in Maisie’s life is Mrs. Wix, a motherly old governess.”

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Writers Nancy Doyne and Carroll Cartwright have moved the story to contemporary New York with Maisie’s mom (Moore) as a rock star and her dad (Coogan) as an art dealer. Skarsgard will play younger second husband. Filming is expected to begin this August.

Alexander was spotted yesterday having lunch with a friend. The new season of True Blood debuts this summer on HBO. Watch the trailer for the forthcoming season…

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jjbc

    I was thrilled to hear that Alexander Skarsgard would be playing Sir Claude ( not sure what his name will be in the movie) from the classic “What Maisie Knew”, but I can only hope by modernizing it they won’t botch it up to much as the character Mr. Skarsgard will be playing was one of the major characters in the book whole Julianne Moore’s and Steven Coogen’s roll in the book was fairly minor. I will say I cannot picture another actor in Hollywood today who would fit the part better then Mr. Skarsgard as his character in the book is so gorgeous and charismatic that everyone loves him, and I get the sense that is how Mr. Skarsgard is in real life.

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