Alexander Skarsgard Is Suited Up For ‘August Man’ [PHOTOS]

Hubba, hubba. With or without clothes on, I will take Alexander Skarsgard.

The True Blood star if featured in the August Man Malaysia’s January 2012 issue, and he chatted with the magazine about his insecurities and then some. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

On insecurities: “I wanted to spend 100% of my energy figuring out who I was and what was happening to me. It freaked me out to be talked about in magazines or on television. It made me feel insecure and nervous.” 

On following his family in to acting: “We’re more like brothers than father and son. We hang out. I’ll take him out with my buddies in LA or Stockholm, and it’s never awkward. He’s 60, but he likes to party.”

On being true to yourself: “It’s really hard to find the right balance, and the only way to do it is to be the guy you are, and never forget where you come from.”

Check out August Man for more details!