Alexander Skarsgard Is NOT In A Fued With ‘True Blood’ Costar Ryan Kwanten

Alexander Skarsgard can look quite intimidating on the set of ‘True Blood’ when playing his character ‘Eric Northman’, but he isn’t interested in petty fueds. Rumors have been circulating that Alex and costar Ryan Kwanten were in a fight over chicks and weightlifting, but reps have confirmed this to be untrue.

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Seen here, ‘True Blood’ actor Alexander Skarsgard stops by his gym for a quick workout in West Hollywood, CA on July 2nd 2011 where the star sported dark sunglasses over what appeared to be a black eye. This Swed is completely suave. I mean honestly, no one looks this amazing when they go to and from the gym. His chick Kate Bosworth is one lucky girl. The fact is, the entire cast of ‘True Blood’ is extremely attractive. Even that gap toothed Anna Paquin looks amazing in a recent V Magazine shoot!