Alexander Skarsgard Has Brown Hair, Filming New Movie

Mmm. Alexander Skarsgard you can have whatever hair color you want, as you, my friend, are quite possibly one of the hottest men on the planet. The True Blood star was spotted in Yonkers shooting scenes for his new film Disconnect.

Alexander was sporting quite a different head of hair than what we’ve gotten used to. You know, it’s not actually that it’s browner, it’s just longer and styled differently. Not that it’s stop me from wanting to go and get drunk with him and his grandma. That must be super entertaining.

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According to reports, Alexander caused quite a stir when he filmed in a local dry cleaners. He pretty much made all the ladies swoon. As he often does with that smile of his. Disconnect “tells three interconnecting stories of life in an Internet focused world, and explores how we are more often connected to and affected by online relationships than with the people who are physically in our lives.” Sounds fun!

That Alexander has just been on a movie roll. Why, not too long ago he was playing dad on the set of Maise and he’s been on the promotional tour for his new film Straw Dogs.The latter may have caused some awkward run ins with his ex! I love it. So much Alexander. All the time. Everywhere! Check out the photos and let me know if you think he looks browner, or if I’m just going crazy.