Alexander Skarsgard Eats Lunch While Vampire-Kind is in Danger

Alexander Skarsgard Suits It
10 of Alexander Skarsgard's best red carpet looks.
You would hardly know it to look at Alexander Skarsgard here in these photos out to lunch with a mystery woman, but some crazy shit is happening on the sixth season of True Blood.

The trailer advertising the season premiere is full of blood, gun laser sights, sex and drama in the bayou. 

Of course, it’s pretty much par for the course for the supernatural soap opera, although the trailer seems to hint at the possibility of some drastic changes on the way for the Louisiana vampires with the tagline, “No one lives forever.”

But you can rest assured that no matter the storyline, one thing will never change, and that is plenty of shirtlessness from all the hot men on the show. There’s always a good reason to rip one off in Bon Temps.