Alexander Skarsgard Dishes On The Big Changes In Store For Season 4 Of True Blood

The stars of True Blood, including Alexander Skarsgard, Anna PacquinStephen Moyer, and Kristin Bauer attended the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival in Beverly Hills, where they dished details of the upcoming season of the hit show that returns to HBO this summer.

The biggest change this season is in Alexander Skarsgard’s character, Eric Northman who loses his dangerous side. The vampire suffers from amnesia after, as Skarsgard puts, “he messed with the wrong people.” Skarsgard continued to share details with fans, explaining:
“This powerful character is gone…He is lost. He doesn’t know how he is, he knows he’s a vampire, but he slowly finds out stuff, like, ‘Did I do that? I killed those people? Why would I do that? Oh. Really?’ It’s not easy to hear-and not knwoing who he can trust, who’s a friend or an enemy. He’s very vulnerable.”
Kristin Bauer, who portrays Pam in the series, explians that fans will be in for a treat this season as the series will exhibit some comedic brillance from Skarsgard. She describes Eric as being “so sweet and cute, because he’s got amnesia” and expalins that the dynamic between Pam and Eric changes as a result. “You’ll see how incredibly comedic and brilliant Skarsgard is, which everyone doesn’t know.”
Kristin also dished on the compelling and meaty storyline that involves all the vampires:
“All I can tell you is what I was shooting this week was so fun and so astounding and so challenging. It involves the whole vampire world, and it’s present-day, and the s–t is going down. It is so compelling. It is a really, really meaty, great storyline with stuff I have never gotten to do, so it’s exciting.”
Check out the video preview of season 4, below, and leaves us your comments on what you are looking forward to, or changes you aren’t happy with for season 4.