Alexander Skarsgard Continues To Be Perfect, Ready To Melt Your Heart On The Big & Small Screen

If you thought that Alexander Skarsgard couldn’t get anymore perfect, how about pictures of him holding an adorable little girl?

Alexander hit the red carpet last night (May 2) for the screening and after party of his latest movie, What Maisie Knew. The movie follows a little girl named Maisie, played by the adorable Onata Aprile, who is caught up in her parents divorce and subsequent remarriages.

Alexander stars as Maisie’s step-dad who marries her mother, played by Julianne Moore. Do you remember how cute Alexander was making the movie? Now we get to see how cute he actually is in it! 

In an interview with The Inquisitr, Alexander talked about how casting Onata was the perfect decision, “…I was very excited about this young girl, but I also felt like, ‘This is it.’ It’s so much about the chemistry. You can’t fake that with someone that young. It’s got to be real. It took about three seconds and I said, ‘I think we’re good.'”

So now that we’re all ready to see Alexander as a dad, what can we expect from him as a vampire on True Blood? Are the rumors true that he’s being killed off? “I obviously can’t say.” Ugh, fine! I guess we can accept the vagueness for now. Launch the gallery to check out all pics of Alexander, Onata, Julianne and more from the event. Are you excited about What Maisie Knew? I know I am!