Alex Skarsgard Is A Single Swede And Kate Bosworth Is A Fling

January 18th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Alexander Skarsgard hit the red carpet of the Golden Globes where is his show True Blood was nominated for Best Television Series – Drama in a Tom Ford from his single-breasted, peak-lapel tuxedo to hisbowtie and cufflinks. A big turn around from his plaid hipster look.

The handsome star of HBO’s vampire hit with the unfortunate last name accepted that questions about his personal life are part of the business and answered that his pairing with Kate Bosworth was just a fling and he is single and mingling. However, rumors of their couple-like behavior went on even at the Globes! Though they arrived separately but Skarsgard soon took Bosworth’s face in his hands and gave her a long kiss and she returned the favor by wrapping her arms around him for a butt grab.

You know, I like Kate as far as acting and wearing purdy things, but just once I would like her not to get the guy because they think she’s as painfully thin as I do.

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By Madison Ventura

  1. Vondrak

    WHAT? have more professionalism, he never said she was a fling! that was the person who wrote the original article on E! calling her a “FLING”.

  2. ErinN

    That is true. Alexander never said fling. I love how you bloggers make this stuff up. Also, if they are not serious… he can say he is still single. I dated men who if asked I would not have said they were my boyfriend… isnt that the reason for datin? To see what fits best.

    Love Alexander and if he is happy, I’m just fine with it.

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