Alex Rodriguez is a One Woman Man..

In joining the laundry list of professional athletes currently trying to  rehab his image, and prove:

a. he is not a sex addict.
b. she said yes.
c. he did not swallow.

Baseball great, Alex Rodriguez took the low road when attending Gotham magazine’s cover party at Highbar. New York City, with daughter Natasha Alexander Rodriguez.

Nothing says good father like using your kid as a shield to quell the rumor mill and possibly offending 1 of 2 supposed girl friends. For this episode of, ‘Don’t Worry Ladies, There’s Enough A. Rod for You All’Kate Hudson, will play the role of scorned ex-lover, and Cameron Diaz, is the starting to get haggard in the face, desperate enough to let you **** her in the *** to keep you, current squeeze. 

We will just have to tune in for the next episode to see if Alex was able to get his name off the “Dick List”.  Speaking of, I want a hot link.