Alex Rodriguez Dated Madam Kristin Davis & Hired Hookers

Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez is being outed by former Manhattan madam Kristin Davis as an ardent client and former flame. Davis claims to have met the slugger at a gym in Philadelphia where he proceeded to try and pick her up. Describing A-Rod as “hot as hell,” the madam didn’t realize his identity and handed him a card fro her “dating” agency.

That evening, Rodriguez booked a 2-hour date at the Four Seasons Hotel, the first of many for the baseball player. However, A-Rod reportedly hotly pursued the madam in charge of operations as well and was successful, according to Davis.

“In regard to Alex, all I can say is our paths have definitely crossed personally and professionally,” she reveals. But let’s be real here. There’s only room enough in his heart for one great love.

Gallery Info: Madam Kristin Davis photo; Alex Rodriguez strolling through New York City.