Alex Reid Is Naked And Really Wants You To Like Him.

The English man’s Heidi Montag has taken over management of her husband’s career.  For those of you not looped in, we speak of Katie Price and her husband, Alex Reid, a mixed martial arts figher/actor/model/winner of Celebrity Big Brother (UK, natch.  That crap wouldn’t last more than a summer season here in Amer-I-Can).

The Daily Mail has the scoop on Reid’s photo shoot for Cosmopolitan MagazineReed posed nudie to raise awareness for the testicular and prostate cancer charity, Everyman.  Reid also appeared on This Morning, alluding to the fact that he may have impregnated Price.  Excellent.  More of the same for generations to come.  Reid also revealed that he needs to be liked.

“My weakness is I want to be liked. I’m needy…the
more I work on it, the less I need to be liked… I know the people
around me love me and that’s important. That’s the most important

This next part might have been my favorite section of the article.  Reid wishes his life with Price was a bit more private.  Not just the sex, but the boring/simple stuff as well.   For real? Your wife will attend the opening of a Teddy Grahams box if it means a mention in HELLO!, but you crave more privacy?  Rule #1: Celebrities who value their privacy don’t go to The Ivy (like Katie and Alex did on March 6th).

*By the way, Cosmo TOTALLY photoshopped Alex’s nose for this shoot.  Look at the nudie pic compare to the shots of him at the Ivy.