Alex Pettyfer. Has. It. Going. On.

Hello, Nurse!!…

Alex Pettyfer is taking off his clothes for his craft… and Drama Magazine. The 19 year old, who arguably has the most entertaining name of late, is making his extremely well-sculpted face known as the lead in the upcoming movie, Beastly. In a modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast, Pettyfer is playing the beast, which required intense seven hour make-up marathons in order to warp that pretty face into one of a scarred and tattooed outcast. Under all that make-up, as clear in these photos, Pettyfer is looking mighty fierce and I’d straight up be a high school loser with him anytime.

What I’m not so secretly pumped about is Mary-Kate Olsen getting her weird self into something creative and slightly salacious as some chick named Kendra – sadly not as Beauty. I’m tired of only getting tid-bits of Mary-Kate under eight sheets of designer clothing flitting about New York City.  But I swear if it’s anything like The Wackness where she appeared on screen for less than five minutes making out with old man Sir Benjamin Kingsley, I’ll be jonesin’ for more Olsen twin like it was 1995.