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Alex Rodriguez is the latest sports superstar to be embroiled in a doping scandal. What makes this even a bigger story is that he has the largest contract ever in American sports, at $275 million over 10 years, signed with the Yankees in 2007.

He previously admitted to using banned substances in the early 2000s and then there are the newer allegations this past year of having used performance-enhancing drugs. 

Drugs and sports are another thing all together. As opposed to drinking and blogging. If blogging white under the influence of vodka was illegal I’d be in deep shit, but fortunately for me, that is not the case.

A lawyer for New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball officials are reportedly negotiating a settlement deal that would result in a lengthy suspension for three-time MVP instead of a permanent ban.

According to ESPN, a source familiar with the talks said the talks are ongoing, though MLB officials have told Rodriguez’s attorneys that they are willing to kick A-Rod out of the game for life for his role in the sport’s latest drug scandal.

Plain and simple, doping is just wrong because it gives athletes an unfair advantage. Everyone needs to be one the same playing field so to speak.

The only advantage a couple martini’s gives me is coming up with clever ways of using expletives. That said, I could probably come up with them while sober, but martini’s are yummy!

What do you think? Should Alex Rodriguez be banned from baseball for life? Sound off in the comments below.

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