Alex Pettyfer Looks Hot Promoting ‘Endless Love’, Apparently The Movie Is A Snoozefest

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Get ready to swoon! Or not…

I’m sure many of you will fall in love with this side of Alex Pettyfer, but according to some critics, Endless Love is a “Romeo & Juliet in high school as dreamed up by Nicholas Sparks after a lobotomy”.

Ouch. But seriously, how many of you thought Endless Love was a film adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’s novels?

While the 23-year-old actor looked extra studly promoting the film, the movie has been receiving a lot of bad reviews. Some say it’s boring, while others say the only good thing about it is the soundtrack!

Alex, on the other hand, is really happy about getting this role. During an interview WSBT22, he said:

It’s not about any genre for me, it’s more about the subject matter, reading a script and seeing what’s appealing. I love romantic dramas. I love films like ‘Love, Actually’ and ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary.’ So when ‘Endless Love’ came along, I was really inspired to make a romantic film. The way the filmmakers wanted to tell the story was so original. As an actor, doing a remake is sometimes the kiss of death, but this film has really turned out fantastic and I’m so proud of it.

Sucks that people are saying the movie sucks then! The film’s trailer looks like Alex and his co-star Gabriella Wilde have great chemistry!

But I guess all trailers are good. Endless Love comes out today if you’re still looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day idea…

By Natasha Reda

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