Alex O’Loughlin’s Shirtless Boxing On ‘Hawaii Five-0′ [PHOTOS]

I really don’t care why Alex O’Loughlin’s character was boxing on Monday night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0, all I care about is that we were graced with some new shirtless pics.

The Insider spoke with Alex about his role on the hit TV show, and how little he knows about the weapons he and the cast use on the show.

PHOTOS: Alex O’Loughlin Looking Mighty Fine For GQ Australia

“It’s real boy stuff,” explained Alex O’Loughlin giddily. “They’re props essentially at the end of the day, but they’re fun props and they make big sounds.”

While Alex admits he tends to revert into childish delight at the opportunity to pay pretend and be a rough-and-tumble guy, he comes clean declaring, “I’m just not as hard as Steve McGarrett. I play a tough guy and it hurts… daily.”

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