Alex O’Loughlin Works Out Well On Cover Of ‘Men’s Fitness’ [PHOTOS]

The tanned and toned Hawaii Five-0 star, Alex O’Loughlin, is featured on the August cover of Men’s Fitness.

From studying Shobukai karate as a child, to intense weight training in his twenties, it is this Australian actor’s commitment to fitness that  has allowed him to stay in such great shape for season two of his show.

PHOTOS: Alex O’Loughlin’s Shirtless Jog

O’Loughlin talked to the magazine about his workout regimen, how island living has allowed him to take up surfing, and the healthy competition between him and castmate Scott Caan.

Below, we share some of the highlights of his interview.

On working out:

“I like to circuit train. If you do one exercise after another without breaking, you bump your metabolic rate up to such a place that you create what’s called a ‘furnace effect’—your metabolism is firing at such a high rate that you can go to sleep and you’ll burn calories through the night. That’s my ideal place to be.”

On loving surfing, although he claims he’s bad at it:

“Surfing is my great passion in Hawaii. I have a bunch of boards—all of which I ride badly.”

On Caan’s athleticism, in regards to surfing:

“Scotty is a machine. I’ll never be as good as him. And I’ll never match his jiu-jitsu, either. But if we’re in a ring together—fists and stand-up fighting—I’d lick him standing up.”

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