Alessandra Ambrosio’s Sultriest Red Carpet Looks [PHOTOS]

Before I learned about Victoria’s Secret’s Barbie doll, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio was my favorite angel who has ever existed. For those who don’t know, Ambrosio has been giving the prestigious honor of having the opportunity to wear the 2.5 million dollar Fantasy Bra.

Last year, Australian beauty, Miranda Kerr was chosen for the honor.

Wednesday night the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was filmed in New York City and it will be appearing on CBS December 4th.

For the 2013 show, I’m genuinely hoping Swanepoel gets to wear the absolutely gorgeous bra. This is her fifth show in a row, so she definitely deserves it.

This year is all about Alessandra. At two months pregnant, she walked in the 2011 fashion show, which is remarkable, especially considering the heels they have to wear. She had a baby this year and managed to get her body back in amazing shape in time to walk this year. Now that’s dedication!

Check out our gallery of her best red carpet looks and let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!