Alec Baldwin’s Reign Of Terror

April 27th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Should we really be feeling sorry for Kim Basinger after all? Actress Jan Maxwell‘s experience makes us want to reconsider our thoughts on which one is more crazy: Alec Baldwin or Kim Basinger?

Jan Maxwell left the Roundabout Theatre Company’s revival of the Joe Orton comedy last Sunday after complaining about the behavior of her co-star, Alec Baldwin.

Maxwell’s departure was first reported Wednesday in the New York Post, which obtained a copy of an e-mail the actress sent to a friend about Baldwin. In the note, the actress declared that the “bottom line was my physical safety, mental health and artistic integrity — none of which Roundabout was supporting.”

In the e-mail, Maxwell said Baldwin put his fist through a wall and was “throwing things around with all of us cowering,” and Maxwell accused Baldwin of giving the Roundabout an ultimatum: refusing to go on with her.

The Roundabout, in a statement, said, “Mr. Baldwin has been totally professional in all dealings with the company and management throughout the engagement of Entertaining Mr. Sloane and we are delighted to have him in the show. Ms. Maxwell chose to leave the production, and there was never any question of an ultimatum.”

“After Ms. Maxwell made it clear that she did not want to stay, Roundabout decided for the benefit of the entire Sloane company to let her know that she need not return to the production (of course receiving payment for the notice period of her contract) which she gladly accepted,” the theater said.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Here’s the problem with Baldwin: he can be an asshole. But he’s still sort of hot. And, while I’m sure he’s something of a pompous ass when he gets actor-y, I don’t believe he would go to such extremes.

    My gut tells me this chick has issues.

  2. Lena

    I remember the first time I ever saw Alec, it was on Knots Landing. A good actor indeed but, also a total nutter.

  3. Kris

    He’s creepy. I’ve always had the same feeling about him as I do now about Charlie Sheen.
    Whatever talent Alec has is trumped by his obvious bad temper and need to to bully. Kim was so smart getting out of that marriage.

  4. mf

    what a true spokesperson for peace.

  5. tahoephantom

    yeah, if a man is accused of acting inappropriately or abusively, he must be guilty of something, right?

    obviously ignorance and gender based bigotry aren’t confined to the uneducated. having been falsely accused twice during a divorce, “crying wolf” has become the tool-du-jour for bitches on a rampage. wake up and imagine what it’s like to be on the receiving end of specious claims made solely for personal gain. not saying baldwin is or isn’t guilty, but being an asshole doesn’t mean he’s an abuser.


  6. paleface

    Thanks for sharing, Joe. You sound like such a charming person, I can’t imagine why your two marriages didn’t work out.

    I’d vote ‘yes’ on this one. It’s been established via co-stars, ex-wives, friends, former in-laws and through the man himself that he has a bad temper. I don’t think he’s victim of ‘bitches on a rampage.’

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