Alec Baldwin Thinks Dora The Explorer Is A Pig, Too

Alec Baldwin might have left his agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) because of Dora the Explorer . Will Ferrell created a short with Dora listening to Alec’s now infamous “pig” message to his daughter and Alec wasn’t thrilled. Will the next one feature Dora’s cousin Diego? He’s spiffy.

Did Alec Baldwin dump CAA this week because a video posted on showed Dora the Explorer listening to his infamous phone rant against his daughter, Ireland? The Web site is the creation of Adam McCay, Chris Henchy and fellow CAA client Will Ferrell. “Baldwin asked CAA to take it off, and they did not,” said one source. But others say Baldwin is angry at CAA be cause it still reps ex- wife Kim Basinger. Baldwin’s rep, Mat thew Hiltzik, told Page Six: “Three-year-olds ev erywhere are upset that Dora the Explorer and her friends are being dragged into this.”

Dora needs to do a Very Special episode featuring Ireland Baldwin-Basinger or whatever she calls herself. And they could explore Hollywood, and what it’s like being the child of maniac parents. And Dora could be all waddling around with her backpack and step over the urine-covered Hollywood Walk of Fame and discover Lohan passed out in a gutter with Samantha Ronson on top of her. Kids need to know this stuff.