Alec Baldwin Is Out Of Touch

Almost 2 1/2 years later Alec Baldwin finally gets around to giving his opinon on the Paris Hilton sex tape. While he needs to catch up with the times, he may also want to catch up with his former body.

Actor Alec Baldwin has slammed socialite Paris Hilton for making a sex tape with Rick Salomon, insisting she was “dumb” and should have known better.

‘The cooler’ star claims he doesn’t find Hilton attractive and is shocked by her lack of common sense.

He explains: “When I did ‘The cat in the hat’ I had a scene with her. She was lovely, very sweet.

“But she decides to make a video with a guy whose lack of ethics wafts off him like cologne, who you can see from 50 feet away is trash? She puts the ‘d in ‘dumb’.”

Baldwin slams ‘dumb’ Hilton for making sex tape [IOL]