Alec Baldwin Responds

April 20th, 2007 // 34 Comments

An irate voicemail from Alec Baldwin to his 11-year-old daughter, recently surfaced on the Internet (thanks, TMZ) and now that it’s everywhere, Alec Baldwin has released a statement to Extra in response.

“In the best interest of the child, Alec will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing…keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order. The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order. Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years.”

Jeez, even filtered through his rep, that statement is clearly just dripping with passive-aggression. I can totally see Alec dictating this through clenched teeth, requesting that the person taking dictation dot the i’s with tiny, angry faces. This is really depressing, also because I’m a huge “30 Rock ” fan. Between this and Tracy Morgan’s DUI’s, Tina Fey’s really got to be banging her head against a wall at the moment.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. mm

    What a jackass.

  2. jannre

    I didn’t even hear an Im Sorry in there. So everything he does he blames on KIM. Your right..hes an Ass

  3. Bimsicle

    The leak is horrible for the child, too. Talk about humiliation — for her. It’s bad enough that the public has a sense of how bad things are. Now we’ve got specifics. If her mother did this, she should be found in contempt. Of course there is no excuse for those words. They are dreadful. At the same time, Kim Basinger was found in contempt a year or so ago for not honoring the visitation and contact schedule. From the outside she appears to be baiting her ex and making life exceedingly difficult for him. I do not understand why she doesn’t give him what he wants, a relationship with his daughter. No one, no one, can imagine what it is like to be denied contact to your child. It’s sick to monkey with it. Sick, sick, sick.

  4. Bimsicle

    P.S. Factcheck: Basinger was arraigned on 12 counts last October. I don’t know the outcome.

  5. mkithrt

    remember when they were the perfect couple? that’s a damn shame…

  6. Pradagrrl

    Message to Captain Beat-a-bitch – Alex, the only pig is u. You use to be the bomb back on Knots Landing, now you’re just a fat, nasty old fat. You’re always lipping off about what you’re going to do to somebody if they do what you want..

    Irealand, if I were you I save all of his rants and when you hit twenty write a scandalous tell all – Chirstina Crawford Style. That’ll fix his sorry azz

  7. T-Bone

    This needed to be leaked. This guy is the biggest asshole, yet his career continues to skyrocket. He’s in tons of movies still and is on a very successful television show. The public needs to know what an ass he is – plain and simple. Kim has probably spent years of her life trying to get someone to listen to what she’s saying about him and no one seems to be listening to her. Well — they’re listening now! Good for her! I’m sure she’s not a perfect person either, but bullying and abuse shouldn’t be tolerated on any level!

  8. Margaret

    You said it all, T-Bone. Amen. You and I seem to think alike on a lot of subjects. That’s scary stuff (for you). lol

  9. kelli

    My thoughts, exactly, Lisa. I ADORE 30-Rock, but this tarnishes my shiney love, just a little. :( Tina Fey’s still great, though!

  10. Sue

    I agree, the guy is an asshole. Who’s to say that Kim had anything to do with the idea, let alone the act of leaking this message? Kids a pretty tech savvy these days-my ten year old would be totally capable of doing something like putting a recorded message online or delivering it to another phone…
    I have, in the past dealt with man like Alex-he is my son’s father, and I totally sympathize with Kim. When you are dealing with someone who is more interested in winning battles with you than spending valuable time with your child then it is a no-win situation. It’s too bad she can’t just get the courts to step in and tell Alex: counseling and supervised visits for you my man! I wonder, has anyone asked the daughter what she wants?

  11. T-Bone

    Amen Margaret! When it comes to protecting women, children, animals and good people, I’m all in :)

  12. nycgirl

    I think I’m in the minority here, but I’m siding with Alec on this one. Having been an incredibly obnoxious, supercilious and bratty 11 year old once, I can understand the frustration that he must be feeling. A bratty 11 year old can make a saint lose control.

    Apparently he’s been consistently trying to reach out to her and be a parent while she’s living under a loony toon’s roof. Who knows what poison she hears every day. While I don’t think he should have blasted her, it’s pretty evident that he’s been trying so hard for so long to be a good parent and she’s not even being polite enough to speak to him during the times that were arranged by the courts.
    Alec Baldwin is human, and humans do lose their temper on occasion.

    There are a lot of fathers out there who don’t give a damn about their kids, this is one who does and has been desperately trying to stay in his child’s life. It’s a good thing that he can afford to fly out to California every week to see her. If he hadn’t had the means, the ex-wife would not only never let him see her, but probably would have caused more trust issues/mental health problems in the child.
    Divorce is ugly; it’s uglier when children are involved. Too often one ex-spouse decides to use the child as a weapon.

  13. Melissa

    I’m also going with Alec on this one. My ex also had a way of baiting and abusing me and when I finally reacted, it always looked like I was the one who was was off-the-chain.

    I think he could have used some other words, but this sounds like an ongoing attempt by Miss Basinger to avoid any contact between Mr. Baldwin and the child. This is not her place, SHE is divorcing Mr. Baldwin, the child isn’t. Come on people read and listen carefully, it sounds like every time me attempts to contact the child she doesn’t pick up her phone or she isn’t available, these are court ordered, they know it’s coming so why not just answer the phone? Pathetic parenting by both, you don’t drag the kids into the middle of your fight.

    Let me send with this, Miss Basinger needs to let Ireland see/speak with her Father and when she’s older, she’ll decide if she wants to be bothered. I told my ex that even though he was a pig, I wouldnt’ intefere with him and his son because one day my son would see him for the absolute tool that he is and he would cut him off all on his own. I was right.

  14. Bunny

    Ditto NYCgirl: As a product of a ridiculously vicious and childish divorce, I understand that tempers and frustrations can run real high and sometimes the kid is stuck in between. Sorry people, parents are not perfect. My parents would say shit to me that they couldn’t say to one another. Was it wrong? yes. Did I get over it? Sure did and I love both my crazy ass parents who took 15 years and multiple stoney graduation dinners to finally be able to speak civilly to one another. The situation can get even more sticky if one person is crazy but better at hiding it. Then the other person looks nutz!

  15. vetconstruction

    I have to say I am going to side with Alec as well. I do think he is an ass-don’t get me wrong but…
    Being a divorced guy with a 13yr old and married to a woman with a 12yr old. I see it from both sides. The ex’s are always using the children to make some point or manipulate a situation. Its very hard raising a quality child in a broken home its always two different sets of rules.
    The other point on this is-these children are allot more advanced than we were when growing up-be it the tv, internet, movies or what ever-even the Disney channel has crap programming that makes lying look cool and ……
    I think the guys reaching out and getting his D*^K slammed in the door-if its hard for normal folks, I can’t imagine the challenges brought on by being a celebrity.

  16. kaypea

    If Kim is the one who is “pushing his buttons,” why is he calling the daughter a “pig?”

  17. sneaksy

    The intial reports I read said that his visitation was yanked as a result of Kim’s lawyers playing this in court. It could be that she’s using Ireland as a way to get back at Alec. It could also be that he abused her and is abusive to Ireland and that’s why she won’t let him see her. Who knows?

    All I know is that it has to suck to be Ireland and be caught in the middle of something over which you have no control. Poor kid.

  18. Bimsicle

    Right visitation was yanked after the judge heard this voicemail but Basinger has been messing with Baldwin on visitation and phone contact for years. Years, years, years. My ex sometimes won’t answer the phone when he’s home and my son is with him, just to get my goat, and boy that drives me crazy. I mean, it is so spiteful, and it’s a trifle compared to what Baldwin has been through. You do not get arraigned on twelve counts of contempt if you are following the agreement. Clearly we are not talking angelics here. That phone call was ugly. But leaking this, so millions can hear? Two wrongs. It’s just pitiful these two can’t make this work for the sake of their daughter.

  19. T-Bone

    The guy’s a dick! End of story. My guess is that most of you defending him have experienced either a messy divorce situation or you lose your temper frequenquently and are trying to make excuses for your own stuff. Not buying it. This guy is abusive, arrogant and power-hungry. There’s not a chance in hell that he didn’t do something to provoke the way his ex-wife and child are treating him. If you’re a good guy and a nice dad, no one would EVER treat you like that. There’s more to this than we know. And there IS NO excuse for the names he called his little girl and the way he told her that she’s going to have to pay for what she has done. NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER! YOU are the ones who need to open your eyes and listen!

  20. JUDY

    have to go with alec……………..

  21. T-Bone

    Parents who call their children names are both abusive and childish. It’s one thing to say “pick up your room or you’re not leaving the house” and another thing to say “pick up your room or your not leaving the house, you fat slut”. Get the difference????????????????

  22. MJK

    I am now starting to see just what sort of people mentally and physically abuse their children…it’s all of you people that think this slime ball is justified to talk to a child that way.

    How dare you try and justify calling an 11 year old a pig. I don’t care what sort of shit is going on between him and his estranged spouse, speaking to a child like that is unacceptable and inexcusable.

    Shame on him, and shame on you “people” that are okay with this greasy, no talent side of bacon.

  23. Sarah

    Welcome to America, people. This is tame compared to what I have heard many a parent say and do to their children. As a teacher, I have had to confront abusive parents and console many a child. It just so happens that this was a celebrity. While I don’t condone what he said or did–people need to wake up because children are physically, emotionally and verbally abused every day. Mentoring or volunteering is one way to help children in need.

  24. Seeare

    Kaypea, simply and beautifully said! Leave the insults on Kim’s voicemail, not on the child’s, who is trying her best to cope with a situation other people (including Alec) forced her into.

    On a different note, he left the message because he was angry she didn’t answer the phone…how apt is she to wait excitedly for his call after that display?

  25. Maddy'smom

    I do not side with either wacko in this one.
    These two idiots are using their child as a pawn for their own ego gratification. Watch the headlines–she’ll be where Brittny Spears is in a few years. I feel sorry for her.
    I also think that Ireland probably turned off the phone on purpose because she’s so tired of being caught in the middle of her parents’ psycho bullshit.
    Either way, both parents are behaving badly, and I won’t be contributing to the divorce fund by going to see any of their movies.

  26. Kelly

    The worst thing Alex said was “pig.” Yes, he was too angry, but he wasn’t screaming and he wasn’t cussing. Parents get angry at their children and sometimes they scream at them. Sometimes they use profanity — which Alex did not. I’m not excusing his tirade,but I think it’s being WAY overblown.

    Taking away custodial rights because he called her a pig? Ridiculous.

    The bigger story, IMO, is that the child’s mother would leak this tape and cause such a media storm with her child right in the middle of it. The kid probably can’t stick her face outside the door without been bombarded by paparrazzi. Thanks mom.

    Also, the fact the Ireland apparently does this to her father on a regular basis doesn’t say much for her either. Frankly, she sounds like a brat.

    The whole family is disfunctional and I don’t really care one way or the other what any of them do.

  27. Kristi S

    “The worst thing Alex said was “pig.” Yes, he was too angry, but he wasn’t screaming and he wasn’t cussing. Parents get angry at their children and sometimes they scream at them. Sometimes they use profanity — which Alex did not. ”

    Did you hear the whole message?? He cussed that poor child more times than I can count. He GD’D this and GD that and several other profanity terms. You must have selective hearing to say he did not use profanity. All I heard was Alec screaming words no 11 year old should ever hear from their father. That man is a poor excuse of a father.

  28. aron

    Wow. I’m so happy about my childhood when I hear some of you guys’ being OK with Alec calling his daughter a “pig”… You must have heard some horrible things in your lives and I feel for you. Please realize that you should always ask for more than someones who verbally abuses you. Regardless, those who defend him by attacking his 11-year-old daughter – SHAME on you. She should be referred to as a kid, not a “brat” or a “pig”.

  29. blondinamini

    First, Kim was arraigned on contempt charges for obstructing Alec’s visitation on the basis of Alec’s allegations, not the court’s findings. The matter has not been decided by a court yet — the court has only agreed to have a hearing on the issue for determination whether Kim is guilty of the actions alleged by Alec. Last week Kim’s attorneys moved for dismissal of the charges without that hearing based on her denial of Alec’s charges. The court instead held that it would not dismiss the charges but instead would proceed to an evidentiary hearing and consider whether Kim is guilty or not after hearing and viewing all the testimony and evidence from both sides. So far, there has been no express finding by the court that Kim has obstructed Alec in his visitation. It’s only been Alec’s allegations. Not saying Alec may not be right and Kim guilty as he alleges, but no court has made that determination yet.

    Second, unless I’ve missed a recent report, there is also no proof that Kim or someone from her camp are the ones who leaked this tape. TMZ claimed they got it legally but given there was a court order in place sealing the tape, that’s impossible no matter who gave TMZ the tape. There are a lot of people who could have had access to the tape in the courthouse and among the staffs of both sides. Or Ireland could have played the tape for a friend and the friend sent it on. Now maybe Kim did this but if she did, it was really stupid for her case. She was in a much stronger legal position without this tape getting out. If the leak is traced back to her, it weakens her legal position because the judge will be so angry about his order being violated. Of course she may be as stupid as Alec was to have left the voicemail message in the first place.

    My feelings? Alec’s voicemail to his 11 year old daughter was totally inappropriate and abusive. I get being angry if in fact it’s true that Kim is obstructing his visitation but get mad at Kim, not your 11 year old daughter. I also wonder what came first, the uncontrolled abusive ravings from Alec, or Kim’s alleged obstruction. In other words, if Kim was obstructing was it because of behavior like this of Alec’s or did Alec’s bad behavior only follow from Kim’s obstructions. I admit given Alec’s documented anger issues in many other areas of his life (last year an actress left the broadway show she was in with Alec because of such behavior), I am leaning toward Alec being the starting point. But who knows? It will be interesting if they can trace the leak to Kim.

  30. Offbeatdance_

    I don’t think his ability to bring up a child has any influence on how great an actor he is. Furthermore, having conversations like that is pretty common, people lose their cool easily over things let alone a daughter who doesn’t bother returning her father’s phonecalls. He could have been major worried for so long and he could have been worried ill.Easy for you to say what an asshole he is. place yourself in a situation where he feels that his parental position is being threatened by his wife(kim) and to add on to it, his daughter isn’t responsible enough to call him back. I think the argument is pretty justified. I
    ‘ve heard much worst words coming out from my parents, bottom line is that they love me to their bones regardless of how they lose their cool.
    Wisen up people.
    Either you have done done enough bad stuff for your parents to lose their cool or your parents just couldn’t care less.
    I agree that some parents have much more patience than others.
    no big deal.

  31. Loob

    T-Bone said:
    “Parents who call their children names are both abusive and childish. It’s one thing to say “pick up your room or you’re not leaving the house” and another thing to say “pick up your room or your not leaving the house, you fat slut”. Get the difference????????????????
    Posted on April 20, 2007 04:36 PM”

    Damn well said, T-Bone!!

  32. Sue

    You have got to be kidding – if any of us “plain ole’” people had used that kind of language or vented that sort of tirade on our children and had been caught – DSS would have been on any of us faster than you can say “foster care.” By your apology, I am supposed to feel sorry for you – the only one I feel sorry for is Ireland – one more screwed up Hollywood kid – screwed up because her parents can’t can’t drop the egos and act in concert in the best interests of their daughter. The judge sent you to a corner to cool off and you are keeping “your mouth shut”…like you have a choice? You say your ex is guilty of causing alienation of the affection from your daughter – I can’t say I’d be overly affectionate with someone who exploded at me the way you exploded at her – in a lot of circles – your tantrums can be tantamount to child abuse. You are a heck of an actor – your movie characters have given me a great deal of escapist pleasures as a movie fanatic – now draw from one of those myriad of personalities and find one who can help Alex Baldwin hold the center line. If you and your ex don’t bring it together soon – you will both lose the greatest treasure of all – you kid.

  33. action

    Interesting all……..and wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived in a perfect world. Those of you commenting on the appropriate things one should or should not say to a child….OBVIOUSLY….have never been a parent. Each and every day….throughout the entire world….parents (good, loving parents) are saying things to their children that they SHOULDN’T! Difference here is that they usually don’t get splashed all over the media for others to dissect……we usually have the PRIVATE opportunity to discuss the cause and effect with our children. I REALLY would be hardpressed to believe that there is a parent out there that has NEVER said something regrettable to their child…..we are ALL human. I doubt very much that the outburst of Alec Baldwin will permanently scar Ireland……however, the fighting, lack of respect, and horrendous use of Ireland as a pawn in her parents divorce WILL! So, if we are going to be shocked or concerned…..why not concentrate on the REAL problem.

  34. Noneofyour Business

    Impersonation of Alec Baldwin:


    Thank-you, thank-you very much dear people…now gimme my oscar for my song or I’ll leave a nasty message on TV for the REST of you thoughtless little piggies as well!!

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