Alec Baldwin To Go To MSNBC After 30 Rock?

January 26th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Rumor has it that NBC executives are trying to figure out who to replace Keith Olbermann, their headlining commentator who abrubtly announced his resignation on-air last Friday.

There seems to be talk that lots of folks are interested in Alec Baldwin to host his own political talk show on the network, which I imagine will be similar to what Bill Maher does. After all, he’s supposedly leaving 30 Rock after next season. He is seen above with his Emmy for the show from 2009.


“He’s already part of the NBC family, has a huge fanbase and is very respected for his long-term passions for politics,” a tipster divulged.

“He’s brilliant on camera and honestly cares about news and fighting for the rights of everyday people. Don’t count him out,” the insider added. “There was a time when everyone said Alec would never do a sitcom, only movies. Those same people are saying he would never run for office or host a political show.”

By Justin Thompson

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