Alan Ritchson’s Shirtless ‘Blue Mountain State’ Photos

I’ll be honest, I have never seen an episode of Blue Mountain State, but these pics of the series’ star Alan Ritchson are making me wanna tune in to the football drama series.

After Elton recently spoke with Alan about the show and here are a few of the highlights from the interview.

The show is so funny, but one of the biggest surprises is that YOU are so funny. Is this just a part of you or have you had to work hard at cultivating it?
AR: I’ve always had a comedic side to me. Somewhere inside of me Thad has been living this whole time. I don’t think we share too many similarities in life, however he’s a part of who I am, and there are a million other characters that nobody knows about that I can’t wait to share. It’s in there, but I think it took awhile, though, to figure out that that was my niche, and that was my way in.

I’ve had a chance to really influence who this is and the end product. I’m proud of it and I think it just took me awhile to find my direction as an actor.

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AE: Omari Newton, who plays Larry Summers on the show, emailed AfterElton thanking us for our coverage and for being supporters of the show. How aware are you guys of your gay fans?
AR: We’re very aware. I think it’s sort of an unexpected blessing. I still remember finding out…we started to get an idea of demographics and who was watching and talking about the show from the very beginning, and Spike was shocked at how many gays were writing about the show and talking about and appreciating it.

I think it’s sort of written with that in mind. We’re not trying to cater to any demographic and we’re kind of like South Park­-ish in a way where all bets are off, but I think [the writers] do a great job of supporting that community and we appreciate those fans just like we appreciate all our fans. But we have a really great gay fan base and we enjoy that very much.

AE: Since you’ve been an underwear model, are you comfortable just being naked or near naked on the set with a camera crew all around or is it still a little jarring?
AR: It’s a good question. I’m comfortable with my body and comfortable with myself. My philosophy isn’t for someone who is extreme with their body and their image. I see people everyday that are in way better shape than me, but I’m where I want to be because I found a good balance.

I can still enjoy life, I can still enjoy food, I can still just enjoy being me. I’m not obsessed, I don’t spend four hours a day in the gym, but if I wanted to be the fittest guy in the world I could probably find a way to do that and work for it. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to waste my life away pumping weights in the gym.

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